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Hershey Stained Glass Studio restored our stained glass windows at Central United Methodist Church in Muskegon, MI, during 2001 - 2004. They were selected by competitive bidding under the direction of a hired consultant, and after our review.

The job consisted of picture documentation, removing the windows from the stone surrounds, transporting them to their Iowa studio, disassembly, cleaning, replacing broken or deteriorated pieces, painting as needed, releading, sealing, and returning to Muskegon for reinstallation.

We developed a three-year program based on the availability of our funds, studio time, removal, reinstallation time, and weather. The job both started and was completed on schedule, while always accommodating, in a most cooperative manner, the church's scheduled and unscheduled activities.

During the removal process, dust was contained, scaffolds were enclosed, and equipment and supplies were kept in orderly condition. They always provided help in cleaning for services, and prior to leaving the job site.

Unexpected issues were resolved without difficulty, No unforseen budget overruns were experienced.

Kevin and Bobbie Hershey are Christian business people with a superior work ethic, high standard of craftsmanship, and commitment to detail. They take great pride in their work.

One Example of the above was when the Hershey's reframed a previous studio's recent restoration work. Upon examination, they found the work to be unacceptable to their standards, took the windows in question to their studio where they completely restored the window, at no cost to the church.

We would be comfortable working with Hershey Stained Glass Studio without the aid of a consultant, as they possess not only an extremely high level of stained glass expertise, but also the integrity to seek out additional help on the rare occasion it is needed.

Most Sincerely,

Rev. Dr. Randall R. Hansen Senior Pastor

Mr. Dale Trumble Project Coordintor/Trustee

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